It’s about Passion, Camaraderie, and Making Memories.

A community of many coming together as one.

Life Brand is a tech-forward startup committed to providing high-quality personalized apparel and fundraising solutions to a marketplace of enthusiasts and beyond. Our goal is to bring forth a sense of community and family to a statewide active public, be it competitive, recreation, families & children, or yourself alone, just you among nature, we all live this life together.

So many amazing people dedicate their lives to activities of all genres. It’s incredible to see our name adorning these passionate people and the adventures they pursue. Thank you to each and every one of you who have made this possible.

The challenges of starting any new apparel brand are endless… Our solution provides all the necessary tools to kickstart any new brand from complete scratch. Your idea and logo can be put through our system for a fully automated experience… This includes a pre-built apparel website, exclusive wholesale discounts and support for selling at events, and even a commission-based retail ordering experience ready to promote to your fans. We handle the backend apparel fulfillment logistics, you simply promote & do what you love.

Over the years, our platform has allowed us to create our own in-house brands focused on different passions, for example, our “Ride Minnesota” brand, one of our most well-known. No other tool has allowed us to efficiently replicate this exact same brand experience for Fish Minnesota, Hunt Minnesota, and so many more… Our team and platform now support all 50 states & countries for these local brands.

Technology and students are in our DNA. Our founder is a web development teacher at Hennepin Technical College, who has helped create real-world paid work opportunities for students interested in experiencing the daily excitement and challenges of a startup.

Nothing drives us more than our community. Sharing smiles, dropping jaws, and opening eyes in more ways than ever… Mixing our local event activations with motivational messages, and working with many amazing partners have led to experiences we never imagined would be possible.

We’ve raised a grand total of more than $30,000 donated to Special Olympics as of this year, with our one-of-a-kind annual Polar Plunge Half-Time Takeover Activation where we jump bikes into the bone-chilling frozen lakes of Minnesota. 

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