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Our Company

Life Brand is a tech-forward startup committed to providing high-quality personalized apparel and fundraising solutions to a marketplace of enthusiasts and beyond.

Our goal is to bring forth a sense of community and family to a statewide active public, be it competitive, recreation, families & children, or yourself alone, just you among nature, we all live this life together.

So many amazing people dedicate their lives to activities of all genres. It’s incredible to see our products & fundraising platform adorning these passionate people and the adventures they pursue. Thank you to each and every one of you who have made this possible.

Business Partners Robert Jara & Dustin Grice snap a quick selfie as they move Life Brand into their newest office & warehouse location located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Both Dustin & Robert can often be seen interacting and engaging with customers & fans at events all year-round.

Our Story

Passion, camaraderie, and making memories…

The exact same reason we travel across the country just to RIDE. The exact same reason we head out in zero-degree weather just to cut a hole in the ice and FISH… The exact same reason we get up at the crack of dawn & head outside to hear the sounds of the nature & HUNT.

Our products started with everything that our lives have been surrounded by, right in our home state… This was the beginning of “Ride MN”

Milestone 1: Ride Minnesota

Friends, family, and the local community now had apparel to represent our very own riding scene here in Minnesota. Our products started supporting local events with fundraisers & donations, promoting our local retailers, inspiring more participants, and bringing together our family called Ride Minnesota.

Milestone 2: Ride Brand

Word soon spread across state lines into new products for Ride Wisconsin and Ride Michigan, supporting all 50 states & countries, bringing together our family called Ride Brand.

Milestone 3: Life Brand

More genres were soon born as the simplicity of Ride caught more attention… Fish, Hunt, Golf, Camp, Yoga… Our local solution had turned into products for all, bringing together our family called Life Brand. “Apparel for Passions”

Milestone 4: My Brand

The challenges of starting any new apparel brand are endless… Let alone, replicating products for all 50 states and countries. However, it ultimately led to our solution… And we call it, My Brand. That’s right, you can now automate your own apparel needs with our platform. No other tool has allowed us to efficiently replicate this exact same experience for so many different logos, and now we’re giving access to you as well.

Our Solution

Introducing My Brand

Our solution provides all the necessary tools to kickstart any new brand from complete scratch. Your idea and logo can be put through our system for a fully automated experience… This includes a pre-built apparel website, exclusive wholesale discounts, and support for selling at events. Even a commission-based retail ordering experience ready to promote to your fans…

We handle the backend apparel fulfillment logistics, you simply promote & do what you love.

Technology and students are in our DNA. Dustin, our founder, is a web development teacher at Hennepin Technical College, who has helped create real-world paid work opportunities for students interested in experiencing the daily excitement and challenges of a startup.

Our Community

Nothing drives us more than our community. Sharing smiles, dropping jaws, and opening eyes in more ways than ever… Mixing our local event activations with motivational messages, and working with many amazing partners have led to experiences we never imagined would be possible.

Proven Solution Since 2015!

Powering the international growth, scale, and vision of Ride BrandFish BrandHunt Brand, and so many more passions that our customers rave about…

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