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Digital Services

Social Media Management & Strategic Campaigns

Tap into our remote social media team for instant Social Media Account Management.

Graphic Design, Logos & Branding

Exactly what we are best at... You can't make great products without great graphics & logos.

Website Development, E-Commerce & SEO

Our website team can assist you with any of your website & e-commerce needs.

An Experienced Extension of Your Team

Consider our partnership a well-connected and experienced extension of your existing team. Scaling is not easy, and all different types of resources are required. We are here to create a more powerful team together. All of our services are available ala-carte, with discounted ongoing monthly service packages.

Proven System Since 2015!

Powering the international growth, scale, and vision of Ride Brand, Fish Brand, Hunt Brand, and more...

Your Most Valuable Asset

Your Brand.

As the stakeholder of a business, you understand that your brand is one of, if not the most valuable asset. It is the asset that dictates the perception of your team, your guests and your prospects; and an asset you can mould to be the key to influencing behavior. Behavior that can ultimately make or break your business.

With this in mind, surely it’s one of the most important investments that you will make as a business? Particularly with the unreliable business climate that has been experienced recently; if your business has suffered with profits or growth, then revisiting your brand and its strategy could provide a fresh perspective on the state of affairs, along with some much needed inspiration.

The branding of your business should not be viewed as yet another cost against your marketing budget; it should be treated as an investment. An investment, if nurtured properly, has the potential to yield exponential returns throughout the life of your business. Being a well-positioned brand grows your brand equity, solidifies your authority and can attract top talent to your business – all elements that can drive a business forward – it’s hard to argue that focusing on your branding isn’t a sound investment.

-Via Finance Digest

No Contracts. Cancel at ANY TIME.

My Brand Digital Services are available in multiple tiers, based on hourly packages.

Task-Based Services

Intended for quick tasks that can be completed within one week.

Express Task

Ala-Carte Tasks
  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers & Print Materials
  • Basic Product Photos
  • Data Entry
  • $100 Onboarding Fee
  • Additional Time Billed at $100/hr

*All projects based on hourly estimate, additional time billed as necessary.

Pro Task

Ala-Carte Tasks
  • Web Design
  • Web Programming
  • Web Development
  • Website Troubleshooting
  • Plugin Setup & Theme Setup
  • Professional Photos
  • $250 Onboarding Fee
  • Additional Time Billed at $150/hr

*All projects based on hourly estimate, additional time billed as necessary.

Monthly Service Packages

Intended for recurring and larger tasks that can be completed within multiple weeks or more.

Express Partner

Ala-Carte Services
  • Ongoing Graphic Design Tasks
  • Web Hosting & Management
  • Social Media Channel Management
  • $250 Onboarding Fee
  • Additional Time Billed at $100/hr
$499.95 /month

*All projects based on hourly estimate, additional time billed as necessary.

Pro Partner

Ala-Carte Services
  • Ongoing Graphic Design Tasks
  • Web Hosting & Management
  • E-Commerce Store Hosting
  • $500 Onboarding Fee
  • Additional Time Billed at $150/hr
$999.95 /month

*All projects based on hourly estimate, additional time billed as necessary.

Fuel Your Passion with Passive Income

The story of how our entire business began... Selling merchandise to help fund our travels, support our community events, and so much more... Except now, we've made it so much easier for you to do so with My Brand...

The My Brand Platform is the perfect tool for...

Athletes, Artists, Celebrities & Influencers

Entertainers, Gamers, Streamers & YouTubers

Bands, Clubs, Organizations & Teams


My Brand Digital Services

My experience with the Event Reseller Platform has been awesome! When you have product that people actually want to buy, then bring it to an event where everyone is just as excited as you to be there; you can't lose! The product is a clean, straightforward design that sells itself. All you have to do is meet people who share the same passion as you and close the deal. When you make the decision to enter into the program, you have an amazing group of people who are willing to answer any questions and help with whatever you need. Booth setup, product placement, advice on which logo is hot, quantities to order or which products are moving to give you the greatest chance at selling as much as possible. Everything is taken into account to keep you from going in unprepared.

Dan Hirsch

Before My Brand, I struggled to keep up with order fulfillment, organizing products, storing products, and keeping consistency with product images. With all those stressors removed from my shoulders, it became so much easier to be happy about the products Near An Open Flame has available for our fans. Partnering with My Brand quickly solved all of my band merch issues... Through the My Brand platform, my band was able to curate an incredible array of products available for our fans with remarkable ease. Truly a life-changing platform and worth every penny! Thank you to the outstanding team at My Brand!”

Jake Anderson

Our Work

The few products shown below have been chosen as a preview from our larger curated catalog of pre-designed high-quality products. These items are stocked in our warehouse year-round, ready to print on demand with your logo at any time. Ship to your clients or customers worldwide, with no order minimums. Your logo and branding will be treated with the exact same care and attention to detail that we treat our own. Your brand is our brand.

More My Brand Solutions

Explore our Fully Automated, Cutting-Edge Print-On-Demand Wholesale Apparel & Fundraising System

Finally, a One-Stop-Shop for Selling Great Products at Any Event of Your Choice

Partner with our On-Site Promotional Events, Add Flyers into our Daily Shipments, and Advertise in our Newsletters and National Website

Connect to our Designers, Developers, and Strategists as an Experience Extension of Your Team

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