LIVE Screen-Printing White-Label Apparel Trailer for On-Site Events

Finally… A turn-key, inventory-efficient solution for event apparel

No more leftover apparel, no more missing sizes, no more hassle. Book our fully customizable, fully-stocked, white-labeled mobile trailer & apparel support team for your next event.

How it works

1. Check Date Availability: Let’s get your event date on the radar.

2. Rent our Turn-Key Trailer, Equipment, and Production Team:
-Trailer & Equipment: $2,500/day *Pre-payment required to book.

3. Pre-Purchase Transfers: Decide on graphics for your apparel (This can be as simple as one single logo that you can continue to use for more tees in the future)

4. Confirm Inventory Selection: Our team will then provide a reasonable amount of blank inventory to produce your products right on-site for reasonable event sizes… Tees, tanks, hoodies, windbreakers… You’ll have no leftover inventory. *Large events may require a fee for additional inventory supply.

5. Profit Share: After cost, your event will receive a 20% profit share from each item sold. All you need to reach is the cost of your pre-purchased transfers to break even… Everything beyond that is a fully automated turn-key fundraising platform supported by an experienced event apparel team. You can also increase your profit share to 30% for an additional $500/day, 40% for $1,500/day, and 50% for $2,500/day. This type of partnership allows us to reduce our risk and give a much higher reward to our partners.

6. Promote: Your event is required to do your own promotions & announcements for this new live printing service to maximize fundraising.

Let’s get started

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