Event Partnership Opportunities: Motivational Activations, Assemblies & Entertainment

Creative experiences for schools, fairs, fundraisers, corporate events, and more…

Nothing drives us more than being on-site at events and engaging with fans. Our Number 1 Goal is to profoundly reach every audience on an emotional and mental level with an Energetic, Jaw-Dropping, Influential and Inspirational narrative that will change lives and kickstart motivation for a lifetime…

More than 25 years of experience working with:

-School Assemblies
-High Schools
-Middle Schools
-Elementary Schools
-Cub Scout Packs
-Technical Colleges
-Community Colleges

College Universities
-Youth Centers

-Fairs & Festivals
-Grandstand Acts
-Birthday Parties
-Summer Camps
-Bar Mitzvahs
-Private Parties
-Corporate Activations
-Church Bible Studies

Launch your event and community engagement to the next level with Life Brand.

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Now Available: Rent our LIVE Apparel Printing Trailer

Great for schools, fundraisers, and corporate events.

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Fully-Insured Event Solutions

From Professional Athletes and Motivational Speaking, to Participant-Based Experiences and LIVE Apparel Printing, we look forward to bringing a whole new level of energy to your event.

Mega Jump BMX Stunt Show

Professional athletes, jaw-dropping tricks, and unexpected special effects

Just like the BMX Show that changed our lives 20 years ago… Our choices since then have led us to become well-spoken, career-oriented, hobby enthusiasts who continue to follow their dreams of being professional athletes while also pursuing real-world careers. Today, our founder is a college instructor who looks forward to speaking with you about how our team and performances may fit in best with your event and budget.

Motivational Speaking

Mental health, bullying, goal achievement, bicycle safety, healthy lifestyles

Incorporating motivational speaking into action sports can be extremely powerful as it adds a compelling layer of inspiration and purpose to the adrenaline-fueled spectacle. Athletes sharing their personal journeys overcoming challenges, as well as the mental & physical discipline required in their sport can resonate deeply with the audience. It not only enhances the entertainment value of the show but also empowers viewers to overcome obstacles in their own lives, fostering a sense of connection and motivation that extends far way beyond the event itself.

Ride The Airbag!

Activation for participants of all ages

That’s right… From the same exact team that brought you The Factory 24-Hour Indoor Bike Park in Minneapolis, has now gone mobile with a new opportunity to RIDE at any event. Two different sizes of airbag landings and jumps, for riders of all skill levels.

Mini Rocker Course

Activation for participants of all ages

Kid-size bikes, adult-strength parts, and gold-plated trophies! An experience like never before… Also brought to you by The Factory 24-Hour Indoor Bike Park, the Mini Rocker Bike Course is a must-participate experience for everyone attending.

Strider Course

Activation for participants of all ages

Embracing the thrill of life on two wheels is an exhilarating journey we believe every child deserves to embark upon, and Strider Events are the ultimate gateway to unleash their biking passion! With not one, but TWO heart-pounding event categories to choose from, we’re rallying everyone, no matter their size or skill level, to dive headfirst into these epic biking adventures! Get ready for the ride of a lifetime!

As Seen on TV

Life Brand Founder/CEO Dustin Grice Hosts NFL’s Monday Night Football Halftime Show for the Minnesota Vikings with X Games Gold Medalists Levi LaVallee and Ryan Decenzo, launches their jaw-dropping Polar Plunge Team team into raising more than $40,000 for Special Olympics, and gives high-fives to students after their motivational messages at schools & events nationwide.

Professional Announcers, Emcees & DJs

The most critical piece of any event

Having a professional announcer at your event is essential as they serve as the enthusiastic and knowledgeable voice of the event. They keep the audience engaged, informed, and entertained, creating a seamless and enjoyable experience. A skilled announcer can provide context, build excitement, and convey important information, enhancing the overall atmosphere and ensuring that attendees have a memorable and well-guided experience. Their expertise helps maintain the event’s flow, ensures key moments are highlighted, and fosters a sense of connection between the event and its audience, making the occasion more enjoyable and impactful.

From US Bank Stadium to Special Olympics, Life Brand looks forward to connecting.

Let’s Talk YOUR Ideas

Whether you need a last-minute partner in a few weeks or starting to make plans for a few years out, we’d love to touch base.

Life Brand: On-Site Events Entertainment Team

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Social Media Win-Win

Thousands of photos, selfies with the pros, and even sharing personalized apparel printed right at your event

However you explore integrating our event solutions into your event, there is no question that it’ll be a social media win-win. Each event we work with has opportunities for fresh new captivating content that can attract more online audiences. Not to mention, all the attendees sharing their own thrilling content online… This becomes an extremely powerful form of organic user-generated content, spreading the excitement and tapping into personal networks and beyond, significantly boosting your online presence, reach, and visibility.

Watch our YouTube Channel: 20,000,000 Views!

Co-Branding & Special Projects

Custom Builds, Performances, and Promotions

Create a truly unique experience for your event… We always look forward to collaborating and bringing new ideas to life. Take a look at how we worked with Red Bull to transform Cowboy Jacks Bar & Restaurant into an BMX Foam Pit Party to celebrate the greatest event in action sports, X Games Minneapolis.

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