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📣FREE DECAL PROMO!!!!! 📣 Here are the rules!📝 1️⃣ Follow … Read more

Yes! Our girl @megganberg flies 💛💥 The only limits you have are confined within the walls you have built for yourself. ••• Choose to be limitless. Laugh and play more. Be spontaneous. Try something new. Stop overthinking. Open your mind. Follow your heart. Trust your intuition. You never know what you might discover. ••• It gives me joy to be playful and was recently invited to try something new…trapeze! Friends, I have a new calling (trapeze one day so naturally 😆), therefore it’s settled, I am quitting my regular life as we know it for the extraordinary life of flying in the circus (animal free of course)! 🎪🤸🏼‍♀️😉 ••• 📷 @tahoe_hair_makeup

Yes! Our girl @megganberg flies 💛💥 The only limits you … Read more

We love this from @yogaofficial What you do when you meet your body’s limit will show you exactly who you are in the face of stressful or challenging life situations. Each time you rise up and meet the obstacle with a clear mind and an accepting heart you are stronger regardless of how deep you go into the posture. Backbending is so difficult to work on your own because you need dynamic flexibility and a calm, equanimous mind. With the spine you can’t push past the limits, all you can do is drop deeper into the inner body and wait for the body to open. 📸 by @sarahticha

We love this from @yogaofficial What you do when you … Read more

To the untrained eye yoga can look like “just flexibility”. The more you learn, the less you use joint torque to get into postures and the more you use muscle strength. Balance strength & flexibility. Controlled range of motion vs flexibility. ♥️ This pose – bhujangasana or cobra pose (in this case, a high cobra) is one of my favorites to use to demonstrate active vs passive flexibility. In the photo on top, I’m using a prop to create a stretch in the front of my body – the front of the hips, belly and chest, as well as a backbend. The prop is my arms. This isn’t a bad thing, as long as I’m engaging my core to protect my low back. This can be a lovely passive stretch when done in a way that’s safe. In the bottom photo, I’m using the strength of my muscles – primarily in the back body – to create nearly the same lift and backbend as in the top photo. In my practice, I’m always seeking to balance strength with flexibility. Having as close to the same range of controlled or active motion as I do in a passive state. I’ve gained range of motion with control by using mobility drills – movements that strengthen and stabilize the joints. My practice keeps getting stronger and my range of motion continues to improve because of the drills. Do you do mobility drills? If you’re curious about what I do, click the link in my bio for a free 7 minute mobility flow that I put together with @themobilitymanifesto ♥️ If you’re interested in the @themobilitymanifesto Yoga Edition – DM me for more details. ♥️ Photos by @morgan_smile at @urbanyogaspa ♥️ Wearing @aloyoga (sponsor) always. 😊

To the untrained eye yoga can look like “just flexibility”. … Read more

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