Spirit Mountain Becomes The First Ski Resort to Allow Riding Fat Bikes with Skiers & Snowboarders – Duluth, Minnesota

Everyone enjoys boarding & skiing at a resort, but what if you were allowed to bring a bike right up the chairlift and ride down the mountain on a bike with everyone else? Join the Fat Bike n00bs Evan “No-undies” Moyle, Tom “Depants-er” Hamilton, Kyle Geason, AJ Haines, & Dustin Grice during the first real opening day of Fat Bikes at Spirit Mountain, one of the world’s first ski resorts to include Fat Bikes on the mountain with ski & snowboarders. Filmed by all. Follow @evanmoyle @hami0179 @geaso004 @aj_haines @dustingrice https://instagram.com/dustingrice More videos: https://youtube.com/dustingrice

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