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Your Logo. Our Platform.

The My Brand Platform is a marketing and fundraising tool for your business, intended to save endless hours of repetitive merchandise management-related tasks.

Our platform was developed for our own internal needs back in 2015, and is now available for enthusiasts, influencers, artists, athletes, teams, clubs, and even B2B & B2C companies looking for a lightweight, non-labor intensive, automated apparel and event support solution.

Our solution is extremely simple, and revolves around your logo. Your logo will be automatically printed on products available to order on your own website catalog, ready to ship worldwide at any time. We have no minimum order sizes, and as we manage our own internal catalog of products, your brand will also have access to these new items… For example, as we introduce new seasonal items for the holidays, you will also have access to these exciting new items as well.

My Brand can be a ground-breaking opportunity for sending one-off drop-ship thank you gifts, quick samples, influencer swag & surprises, ambassador & team welcome packages, jackets, sweatpants, and so much more… All on demand. You manage no inventory.

Our Event Support Program also offers support for ordering print materials such as signage, flags, flyers, and business cards to help support your physical event needs.

*Think of our platform as a way to compliment your current operations, save you and your team time, and spark more creative ideas… Our system can also integrate into other systems, for seamless order automations. If at any time you prefer to take over everything that our system does, you can cancel our service at any time and run everything on your own. These tasks may include your own apparel sourcing & production, restocking & meeting minimum order sizes, website development, product information & apparel photos, balancing pricing & discounts, email newsletter management, shipping & receiving, exchanges & returns, and customer support. However, our team is here daily and ready to take all of these tasks off your plate, along with so many more creative advertising & marketing add-on services. Scroll down to keep learning more.


Consider designing an alternative logo that is only available exclusively on the Life Brand Platform… Fully automated. Let your commissions build as your new apparel piece is displayed to the rest of our local community shopping for apparel on Life Brand.

My experience with the Event Reseller Platform has been awesome! When you have product that people actually want to buy, then bring it to an event where everyone is just as excited as you to be there; you can’t lose! The product is a clean, straightforward design that sells itself. All you have to do is meet people who share the same passion as you and close the deal. When you make the decision to enter into the program, you have an amazing group of people who are willing to answer any questions and help with whatever you need. Booth setup, product placement, advice on which logo is hot, quantities to order or which products are moving to give you the greatest chance at selling as much as possible. Everything is taken into account to keep you from going in unprepared.

Dan Hirsch

Before My Brand, I struggled to keep up with order fulfillment, organizing products, storing products, and keeping consistency with product images. With all those stressors removed from my shoulders, it became so much easier to be happy about the products Near An Open Flame has available for our fans. Partnering with My Brand quickly solved all of my band merch issues… Through the My Brand platform, my band was able to curate an incredible array of products available for our fans with remarkable ease. Truly a life-changing platform and worth every penny! Thank you to the outstanding team at My Brand!”

Jake Anderson

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Powering the worldwide growth, scale, and vision of Ride BrandFish BrandHunt Brand, and so many more brands that our customers rave about…

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After 10 years, the secret is out: My Brand is the platform we use to power our own brands. And now, you can use it too… For FREE, with a 50% Profit Share.