Skatepark Transformed into a High School? Welcome to Street Factory High at Familia Skatepark

You couldn’t imagine a high school any more RAD than one that was built inside of an indoor skatepark…

Welcome to STREET FACTORY HIGH at Familia Skatepark!

This past Thursday evening it seemed that more than a thousand people made their way out to Street Factory’s annual celebration party, this year themed and titled “Street Factory High’s Homecoming” located at Steve Nesser’s Familia Skatepark in Minneapolis.

Attention to detail was absolutely incredible… Everything you’d ever imagine from high school set up right at the skatepark. Almost reminds you of the exact opposite of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater School Level. They even had school desks hanging from the rafters… Check out some of the photos:

Very impressive work, huge shout out & thank you to Street Factory for inviting us out, we recently did a fun event together with Top the Tater and Visit Saint Paul during Red Bull’s Flugtag. Looking forward to working together again down the road!