X Games Weekend !! The Local Places to be with Ride MN

MINNNNEEEEAAAAPOLIS… Are you all ready for this???  The time is upon is, the ramps are built, the stages are set and the greatest action sports athletes are only days away.  The almighty X-Games is about to consume our every thought for 4 days of the raddest, gnarliest, and epic displays of Skate, BMX, Motocross and more.

Ride MN is the place to turn to for all the goings on, in and around our city during X.  From the Block Party at The Cabooze, Social Hub at Erik the Red, to the Afterparty at Cowboy Jacks and even our local “Lil Pros Kids Tour” demos officially onsite outdoors at X Games. Scroll down to view all the flyers, buy your tickets and don’t miss what is the pinnacle of Action Sports in the world. Come downtown, feel the vibe, soak up the culture and taste what X-Games has to offer.
We guarantee you’ll not be disappointed.  All hail the X-Games.