Goodbye Summer & Hello Snowmobile Season – Haydays 2016

The hot humid days are giving way to those crisper brisk nights.  The erection of Christmas displays are beginning to overtake your favorite big box store, and one thing becomes rapidly clear.  Goodbye to what was summer and hello to snowmobile season.

For 50 years the pageantry that is Haydays, rings the proverbial bell to alert all that it’s time to think wear rods, track studs, and waterproof breathable materials.  The self proclaimed “Kickoff to Snowmobile Season” is rapidly nearing and its enormity simply keeps growing. 

It’s no longer a weekend of racing sleds on dry grass fields in order to get your early season fix, loading up the unused parts, accessories and apparel in the garage into the back of your pickup and staking your claim to the swap space you’ll occupy for the next 48 hours.  Its much much more than that.  It’s become a powersports industry who’s who of manufacturers, race teams, retailers and enthusiasts.  It’s the largest candy store on the planet for those who ride in that sometimes scarce white powdery substance.

Mark your calendars for September 10th & 11th, and prepare for the pilgrimage to the sprawling fields of Sunrise Township, MN.  Bring you walking shoes, your selfie sticks and your wallet, and be part of the tens of thousands who will be part of this once a year epic gathering to celebrate the best that winter has to offer.

Be sure to stop, visit and sign up for giveaways all weekend at the Ride MN booth, located at FB5A just steps from Country Cat.

Haydays 2016 Map

For further information and directions to Haydays follow the link: